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Why use a virtual office assistant/designer?

A VA is a virtual office professional that provides excellent off-site support when you need it most. What does that mean to you the busy office professional? That means you arenít paying for a full-time person in your office when you might not need one. You wonít have the expenses associated with a permanent employee like pay for unproductive time, taxes, workerís compensation, providing work space and equipment or the hassles associated with training and supervision.

Time management is the primary reason to hire outside assistance. Anyone who finds they could use more of it will find our services useful. We assist business owners who desire to focus on their core operations, or simply require design assistance with desktop publishing such as forms, graphs, presentations, flyers, and newsletters, e-Book in Palm or PDF format.

*For information management, such as spreadsheets and mailing lists, and general correspondence and more contact Sandy at My Efficient Assistant www.MyEfficientAssistant.com/.

Who uses a virtual office assistant?

If you are a busy professional looking for an experienced assistant without the overhead expenses of a full time employee this service could benefit you. We cater to the needs of the entrepreneur, the busy college student, small and mid-sized as well as the established corporate environment. DocUmeant believes that the key to a successful transition from on-site to off-site assistance is in building long-term relationships with successful and professional businesses, entrepreneurs, SOHOs (small office, home office), and individuals.

What make DocUmeant unique as a virtual office assistant?

With over 30 years in business ownership and management the staff of DocUmeant are highly skilled professionals who have experience supporting senior executives of fortune 500 companies.

We offer quality, affordable web site design and redesign services. At DocUmeant, we work closely with each client to design a unique look and feel that is not only highly creative and professional, but also tailored to fit the client's branding. Whether you are looking for an updated look or to establish a strong web presence DocUmeant has the talent and the designers that can pull it all together.

As a virtual business we truly understand the importance of keeping a web site current and we work with clients to make sure their site continues to work as a strong marketing tool, long after the initial design. We continue to manage most of the sites we create, and offer maintenance services for clients who have had their sites designed elsewhere.

DocUmeant offers a diverse skill set unique in the industry with our joint venture partners, Writing Pro and My Efficient Assistant, and uniquely talented web designers. We also provide copy writing and editing services for newsletters, books and magazines and we can provide technical editing services when the need arises. DocUmeant offers the small and midsize business owner the same opportunity for professional administrative support the fortune 500 companies enjoy without the employee overhead.


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