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Need a PowerPoint Presentation? Don't delay, call today!

Custom Design at Pre-fab Pricing by DocUmeant Designs
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Custom Card Covers
Samples here

For the full line of card pre-printed covers visit my online store at
Cafe' Press


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Have you been putting off that badly needed policy, procedure or training manual because your employees already have enough to do?

Are there letters that need writing or revising to reflect your company's position, inform your customers, or persuade potential consumers to use your product or service?

What about that mass mailing that you just don't know how you are going to complete on schedule? Perhaps you need assistance setting up a mail merged document, are you constantly waiting for your print jobs at the copier, or is your copier always going down? Do you spend precious business building time folding and stuffing envelopes? You don't have to do these menial tasks alone. DocUmeant is here to help.

Is it time to "tweak" your webpage and you just don't want to pay a professional web master for an hour of his/her time? With our uniquely talented designers should you wish to design a brand new "look" DocUmeant has the duly licensed web designers on staff to assist you with your advanced web design needs.

DocUmeant is here to help busy people communicate efficiently and effectively because we know just how important your communication is to your customers. And, we enjoy our work and the rewarding satisfaction of a job superbly done--just as you do.

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For digital design products please visit our sister site at
DocUmeant Designs
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Document Preperation
Basic typing or dictation *

Basic Editing Service
Proof read, spell check, grammar, punctuation, typos**

Approx. 4 pgs p/h (600 words p/pg)


Advanced Editing Service
All of the above plus basic re-write, inclusive of website copy review and edits, insertion of reference items, i.e. table of contents, footnotes.etc.**

Approx. 2.5 pgs p/h (600 words p/pg) $30/hr
Complete Re-write
All of the above plus sentence/paragraph restructure **

Approx. 2 pgs p/h (600 words p/pg) $35/hr
Book Layout
Basic format, Palm & PDF documents and eBooks, etc.**

Picture placement - .95 p/photo - for further details visit our design home at

Advanced Document Design
Design layout, format **

Advanced Website Design
Design, Development, Flash, PHP get quote *

* ½ hour minimum    ** 15 minute minimum



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