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Hi Ginger-this is absolutely perfect, exactly what I envisioned!  You did an incredible job, just perfect and Tina loves it too!  This is just perfect. Thank you soooo much, exactly what I wanted!  Can you tell I'm excited?  I'm doing the "happy dance" !  Beautiful job, simply beautiful.
You are the best!  And I love your sense of humor, makes me smile!

I am so happy to be working with you, you always do things so professionally and in such a timely manner, I really appreciate that!

-Heather Juma



Wow Ginger! That is totally awesome! Thank YOU for listening to what I wanted and being patience enough to help me achieve what I was looking for. I really do appreciate your help - I can't believe how great it looks - better than I had even envisioned it would!

Look forward to seeing the entire coupon book and all the goodies inside!  Thanks again!

-Cathie Garnier, Ind. Rep.
Miessence Certified Organic Skin Care


You are certainly efficient :-) This reflects how service oriented you are. Your clients must love you. Very much appreciated in this day and age.

- Marilyn Jenett
Feel Free to Prosper


The edits read really well. You did a great job. You are a true blessing. Thanks for your greatness.

- Chimere Norris, Publisher
Ladies First Magazine


To: Leslie Freude, Whoever worked on the design of your homepage did a solid job with the color scheme and aesthetics..... whenever I see someone try to mess with the coding of their Ryze page, it always gets botched up and looks like nonsense.

- H. Dean Hua, Sachi Studio
- Leslie Freude, SkinCareGirl


Thank you, Lady of spell binding words, for the rescue in my moment of distress! My deadline was met with captivating words crafted by you when I was too exhausted to craft them myself. Hopefully, I won't be in that spot again, but if I am, I know who to call.

- Angela Betts
Betts Best Resume Services


re: SOC Email Campaign

I love my email autoresponder series. They are not too long and right to the point. It is worth every penny!!! Thank you Ginger.

- Ronald Hunter
Hunter Greetings


THANK YOU!!!! Wow! you really know your stuff that is why I will be using you do do my editing from now on and the website maintenance...I know GREAT people when I find them.

I am excited about working with you...you have SOOOOOOOOO much to offer and bring to our business...I appreciate you and your help.

- Teresa Morrow
Morr Services Floor Cleaning & Finishing


I knew exactly what I wanted, but I didn't know how to get it. I wanted a Ryze page that was (my company) Healthy Diva's hot pink. I also wanted a page that branded my boxing gloves logo. To top it all off, I wanted fonts that Ryze does not recognize. I could see the image in my head, but I didn't know how to get it in HTML form.

What did I do? I called on WIN's very own Ginger. My new Ryze page is totally "me" and very DIVA! Designers almost have to be mind readers, don't they? Being able to work in styles besides your favorite is an important skill for a professional designer.

Poor Ginger! I had been up all night with my husband in the hospital. A very sleep-deprived version of me emailed her the wrong stuff to add to my page. I created a small disaster that she was able to quickly clean up.

I would be "tickled pink" if you would come for a visit and see what a wonderful job Ginger did! Hot pink isn't the easiest color to work with, but Ginger put it all together nicely!

I LOVE MY NEW PAGE!!! "Autoimmunity has met its match!"

- Heidi Whitaker
Healthy Divas


Hi Laszlo,

I have read through the changes made by the copy editor.  Please make all of the changes that she has suggested at your earliest convenience.  I must say that she was very thorough and her changes were layed out in a very easy to follow format.  No doubt this is a valuable asset to your business.

- Craig Spear

Integrated Active Living
48 Ferguson Avenue South
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2M5

T- 905.296.3419
C - 905.730.1978
W - http://www.ialfitness.com


re: The Parent's Lounge Network

We are loving our network. We're getting lots of great posts and new people joining all the time. The page you created has been an enormous contribution to the warmth and feel of the site. Thank you!!

-Barb Desmarais
The Parenting Coach


Oh Ginger! Your magic fingers have come through once again! I love the recipe cards and bookmarks!!!!! WooHoo!! I just printed them on a piece of paper and they look awesome! I know the recipe cards will look awesome on the postcards as well! I will take these to a printer next week. I wished I had your creativity my dear. You are in the right business for sure! I love working with you!! You take my ideas and make them a reality! Thanks again for your awesome work!

- Betty Lynch Chandler, TX


Very professional, creative and quick to solve, you know she will be there when technology bites. Thanks for work done on my Ryze Networking Page. I would like to give thanks here to Ginger who gave a lot of her time to help me with my website. She really is very knowledgeable on website design, and when there was a problem with too many hits at once to my website causing my photos to disappear, she solved it immediately. So thanks again Ginger.

- Carol Chiarello
Ziggy Cat Jewelry


My page is getting some seriously rave reviews! You are about as awesome as they come! Thank you so much, I love every inch of it. I can't stop looking at it. I feel like I am opening my scrapbook everytime I open my RYZE page. \_/ to a wonderful new friendship!

- Kim
Ryze Networking page
Send Out Cards


Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in setting up my mothers website. You have been such a blessing and we are looking forward to your future help. We are blessed to have you involved in our success. You will never know how much you have made a differance in our lives. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much.

- Suzie
Billies Basket of Treasures


You really made my day "AGAIN" I am so glad we met! I love my new and improved Ryze page! I have received a lot of compliments on it.

- Tina Pieper, The Vintage Gourmet
Ryze Networking Page


I havenít yet met such a dedicated person, Ginger didnít stop working on our website content until we were 100% satisfied! Great work, and I canít wait to work with her when it comes to creating content for new clients. Two thumbs up from Luxe Studios!

- Cristina Manciu, Marketing
Luxe Studios


Well gee, i sure sound smart with your edits!! looks good.

- Rebecca Templet, Patient Advocate
Get Meds Free


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